Search and compare data protection legislation.

This tool is only available on a PC or laptop. 







Our search and compare tool works off sheets to enable you to have an easy, user-friendly experience. Simply use the Selection tab to make your choice: we have multiple criteria from which you can choose, and you will be able to select any number of countries to compare at one time.

Once you’ve made your selection, click the Search button, and viola! You’ll be taken to the Report sheet.

Click Back to return to the selection screen. You can now make a new selection. 

Note, if you wish to view all the criteria as they relate to one country, you can move between country tabs, and without the fear of losing your current search results. Your search is safely saved until you are ready to clear it. At that point, simply press the Back button.

Currently, you can compare the data protection legislation of 12 English-speaking African countries. Of course, laws change, so we will update this tool as new statutes are enacted. Watch this space!

Disclaimer: This tool does not constitute legal advice.